Specialising in growing plants for dry mediterranean landscapes

We are a plant nursery in the Algarve specialising in dry mediterranean species. We propagate and grow our own stock in conditions they are likely to endure when they are planted out.

We grow plants that are adapted to the dry land conditions in Portugal and southern Spain, both mediterranean perennials and succulents.

We choose plants that require very little water and maintenance. We produce a range of dry land plants that are typical of the worlds mediterranean regions. These are available to order ready for planting in the wetter months of the year. Please order the plants you need and we’ll have them ready at the best time for planting.

To ensure your new plants adapt and establish quickly, we produce them in special anti-spiral root pruning containers and a range of fibre pots (no plastic waste) with our own tried and tested growing media. 

Viveiros Jardimseco - Plantas de terra seca

Viveiros Jardimseco

Tavira, Algarve

Please note we have no retail outlet or garden centre and are not open to the public. For more information you can contact us here.

Plantas adaptadas à seca - produzimos plantas adaptadas às condições de Portugal e Sul de Espanha, tanto espécies mediterrânicas como suculentas.​

​Oferecemos uma gama de espécies típicas das zonas climáticas mediterrânicas em todo o mundo.